ACT to go all electric by 2021

Announcement from the Climate Change Minister
Australia’s Capitol Territory has announced that it’s government vehicles will be all electric by 2021. This coincides with other projects in place to make the territory emissions neutral by 2050. To help with this future plan all new mixed use and developments will have to support electric vehicles with charging stations.

The ACT Climate Change Minister, Shane Rattenbury further announced that later this year all hybrid and electric cars will be able to drive in transit lanes also government staff will be allowed to salary sacrifice the purchase of an electric bike. There are less than 250 electric vehicles registered in the ACT and this new law is to help encourage the transition to all electric.

Power Play
To further support the commitment to becoming emission neutral the ACT has commissioned wind and solar farm infrastructure to deliver more than 650 megawatts of power to the region. This is equal to the calculated amount of electric power required.

The minister says that EVs are expected to be taken up rapidly around the world. Australia is disappointingly slow compared to the rest and so the government has taken upon itself to lead by example. Mr Rattenbury has now announced the most ambitious plan of any state or territory government to make sure we start to catch-up quickly to the rest of the world.