Electric E-type and a Royal Wedding

The E-type Zero was developed and built in the brand-new purpose-built facility in Birmingham England. The 14,000 square meter building is dedicated to rebuilding classic cars and creating “new Originals” including the Lightweight E-type the XKSS and now the E-type Zero.

The E-type Zero garnered a massive amount of attention this week after being made famous by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex who chose it as the car to exit Windsor this week. The car was first revealed in 2017 at a Jaguar tech fest where the brand celebrated 140 years of innovation and a future commitment to all electric transportation.

Just married

The E-type Zero was developed from a 1968 series. The old engined replaced with a 220kw electric motor and lithium-ion battery keeps the cars weight distribution almost the same. The new tech actually makes the overall car 45kg lighter meaning the handling remains virtually the same as the original. The motor and battery fit perfectly where the previous petrol engine once sat and so the bodywork stays true to the original. The technology in the Zero is the same as some of that developed for the new i-pace and so it’s state of the art.

The new electric tech allows the Zero to hit 160kmh in just 10 seconds which is 6 seconds faster than what it could achieve with the petrol motor. The 0-100kmh time is a full second quicker than the original, now just 5.5 seconds, however we imagine any owner of a zero will be mostly pulling away at leisure and rarely exceeding the “look at this” speed.

Jaguar were unsure if the E-type Zero will go into a limited run and would be talking to customers to find out if there is a demand. There’s nothing like having the latest Royal Newlyweds drive your car on global TV to help with that demand. Someone in Jaguars marketing and P.R. department will be getting a little something extra in their wage packet this month.