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Extra Extra EleXtra

4 seats, 4 doors, 4wd, 0-100 kmh in 2.3 seconds… do you need to know anything more?

OK so this is the EleXtra EV, designed in Switzerland, engineered and built in Germany to the highest quality imaginable. EleXtra founder Robert Palm has had a celebrated career in a variety of design fields and has now turned his talent to the automotive world. The EleXtra is not the first concept to be delivered by Robert and his team. Classic Factory was founded in 2009 and set up an international network of designers, engineers and manufacturers to help bring their concepts alive.

The Classic Factory celebrated huge success with their modern interpretation of the classic Jag E-type in 2012.

The Lyonheart K – Contemporary interpretation of a British Classic

EleXtra expects to build 150 of this series one car. Taking inspiration from the past and pairing it with today’s most advanced technology is the idea behind the EleXtra. The car will be built around a carbon fibre tub, the body work will also be carbon with the aim to produce a car stiffer and 25% lighter than making it in Aluminium. The car boasts a revolutionary new drivetrain ( details yet to be shared with WW ). The motors will deliver 680hp to 4 wheels with the torque independently distributed to assure traction in all conditions. 

One of the most incredible stats shared is the efficiency, EleXtra states that at 100km/h the range is 600km, that’s impressive. The new tech allows the electric drivetrain to be half the size of equivalent motors. The new tech address’s overheating issues and allows longer high speed travel.