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Husqvarna Launch Range of e-Bikes

Husqvarna is the latest motorcycle brand to moving into the ever growing e-bike market

Fifty years after leaving the cycle category, Husqvarna Bicycles is back. The re-launch of the classic Husqvarna bicycle brand is the result of a partnership between Husqvarna Group and German e-mountain bike icons Susanne and Felix Puello and their company Pexco.


The partnership with Pexco involves a trademark licence that entitles the company to design, develop, and distribute e-bikes under the Husqvarna Bicycles brand.

The company is planning a diverse line of e-bike models, from commuter to the MTB enthusiast.

Husqvarna has released details of six lines of eBikes; the Mountain Cross (MC), Light Cross (LC), Cross Tourer (CT), Light Tourer (LT), Gran Tourer (GT) and Gran City (GC).

They will all feature Shimano Steps systems with 500Wh or 400Wh batteries, but differ in motor model depending on the eBike variant. The higher end offerings like the LC4, LC5, GT6 and all of the MC models will use the E8000 whilst the mid to budget range opts for the E6000. The top end bikes will also feature a unique Linkage Battery Pack providing 500Wh.


It essentially packs the cells into small compartments that are linked together to produce a flexible battery pack. This will allow the battery to remain removable, but only require a small opening. The benefit of this design is that it allows more of the down tube to be one piece. This will result in a stiffer and stronger frame when compared to more traditional removable down tube battery style.

Husqvarna MC (Mountain Cross)

Husqvarna LC (Light Cross)

Husqvarna CT (Cross Tourer)

Husqvarna LT (Light Tourer)


Husqvarna GC (Gran City)