Jaguar Racing Unveils Formula E Concept Livery

Panasonic Jaguar Racing has unveiled the concept livery for its I-TYPE 3 Formula E car, which will make its debut in the 2019 Formula E Championship. The new breed of Formula E cars look amazing and Jaguar has done a great job with a striking design.

The second generation Formula E car has more power than its predecessor peaking at 250kW  (335HP) for qualifying  around 200kW for the race. Most importantly thanks to improvements in battery technology the cars will go a full race distance without the drivers having to swap cars mid-race car.

“We joined the championship so that we could take learnings from Formula E and directly transfer them from race to road to help shape future electric vehicles for Jaguar Land Rover. The concept livery of the Jaguar I-TYPE 3 is a progression from this season’s race car which we will unveil later this year. In parallel we remain very focused on this season and continuing the positive progress we are making as a team.”

Nelson Piquet, who drives the team’s No.3 entry, tested the Gen 2 car last month, and said that early signs are promising. “The car made a promising, reliable start, but there is a lot of development to do before we start racing at the end of this year,” he said.

Formula E’s fourth season continues at the Berlin Grand Prix on May 19th.