Koowheel Hover-Shoes

If Hollywood remakes Xanadu, Kira will be delighted with these Koowheel Hover-shoes. The Koowheel company has been focusing on “short distance travel tools” since 2009.

Having enjoyed success globally with electric skateboards, hoverboards and scooters the developers at Koowheel decided to turn their attention reinventing the roller skate and they’ve done good. The Hover-shoe is described as self balancing, we haven’t yet tested them at WattsInWheels but we imagine that means there is a gyroscope effect built into the shoe that assists the rider.

Each hover-shoe delivers 250Watts of power and will propel the rider to a max speed of 8kmh. The hover-shoe is best suited to a flat surface but will happily perform to a maximum gradient of 9 degrees. Think large open carpark and go for it and you’ll have more than 8km of electric entertainment. The Watts in Wheels team are going to follow the hover-shoe from koowheel because we think it’s going to bring out the Xanadu in you.


Xanadu euwwwwe!