Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo

Need an all electric sports car for your active lifestyle? Introducing the Mission E Cross Turismo ( MECT – because we can’t be arsed to write it in full throughout this article ). Described as a CUV ( cross utility vehicle ) the MECT has been developed to tick several box’s as demanded by consumers. Six of the Ten best selling vehicles worldwide are SUV / Utility focused and so it makes absolute sense to Porsche that they develop an EV with enough space for the family the dog and a weekend of camping equipment but also is capable of 0-100kmh in 3.5seconds and a restricted top speed of 250kmh. Well I don’t know about you but that is what I’ve been waiting for.

Porsche invests in electric

The Panamera E-Hybrid accounted for 50% of global Panamera sales in 2017 which indicates the new demand for feel-good fuel. Porsche are very serious about the age of electric and have committed to it by investing over $9 billion in their electromobilty program. The Porsche E-Performance project has now delivered 2 wonderful concepts that are suggested to be in full production and on sale by 2020. In fact the team at Watts in Wheels knows of one person in our circle that has ordered a MECT.


The MECT achieves it’s blistering performance by employing two synchronous electric motors, one front and one rear. Together they deliver 440kw ( 600hp ) which is 57kw more power than the current 991, 911 GT3 RS. The MECT will have a range of about 480kms, we expect this figure would be achieved under light-ish right foot driving. The batteries can be recharged to about 80% within 15minutes using the Porsche developed 800 volt fast charging unit. They can also be recharged using inductive charging technology.


We have heard rumours and we must stress these are rumours, the MECT is going to be about $160,000 USD, that means by the time it’s landed here in Australia, luxury taxes added, australian taxes added and we’ve got what you want taxes added, it’ll be… well… waaaay beyond the ability of anyone at Watts in Wheels but hopefully they will let us have the press car for a day. Set your alarm for 2020 and our review.