Seabob Luxury Sea Toy

There are toys and there are luxury sea toys. The Cayago Seabob is all luxury. Designed, developed and manufactured in it’s Stuttgart facility the Seabob is the worlds fastest water sled. Boasting premium quality, using carbon elements, ceramic coatings and precious metals resistant to salt water the Seabob really is an uncompromising luxury seatoy and of course it’s electric.

The worldwide patented E-Jet system delivers maximum thrust requiring little energy. You can glide along in the water or speed underwater like a fish. Combine the Seabob with scuba gear and you’ll be transformed into an agile underwater explorer.

Currently there are 3 models to choose from, F5, F5S and F5SR. Being a luxury sea toy they are not cheap, starting at $12,500 AUD going up to more than $23,000 AUD for the top spec but to some it’s a small price to pay to become a dolphin. The F5SR allows you to travel at 20 km/h under water, that is seriously fast. The battery will last approx 70 mins after an 8 hour charge on the top of the range model. The base model will still propel you along at 13 km/h for approx 50 mins.


The Seabob has been designed to hold the pilot to the controls and so the info screen is located perfectly and provides all the information a pilot needs to maximise the vehicle and have fun. The pilot always knows what speed they are doing, at what depth, what the water temperature is and importantly how much energy is available.

If you feel most comfortable just on or underwater the Seabob is the indulgence you need. Find out more at