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Seven Seater NIO ES8

If you haven’t heard of car manufacturer NIO, get used to the name now because this start-up EV company is serious. How serious? A start-up with 4000 employees and 19 locations across China serious.

Watts in Wheels previously published a story about the NIO EP9, an electric supercar developed out of their Formula E division. The ES8 is NIO’s 7-seater production car now on sale in China and is directly aimed at taking sales away from the Tesla Model X. The ES8 starts at about $90,000Aud and is about half the price of a Model X in China.

The ES8 bodywork and chassis is aluminium, the light weight construction helping return a range of about 350kms, what’s more the ES8 employs a quick-swap battery system that can be swapped in minutes. NIO are aiming to build more than 1100 battery swapping stations in China by 2020.

The ES8 will accelerate to 100kmh in 4.4 seconds… that’s a 7 seater family car that can do the 0-100kmh sprint as fast as an Aston Martin DB9 GT 5.9L V12. 644 horsepower is delivered to all four wheels from dual-electric motors. All reports say the ES8 is packed with safety and info tech, the build quality surpasses the Tesla and it looks great too. It also brags to be the world’s first production car to have an in-car AI system.