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Stealth P7- commuting meets adventure

We love the Stealth range of bikes and not just becuase they are built right here in Australia. Normally known for their off road delights, the Stealth P-7 is designed to turn your daily commute into an unforgettable adventure.

The versatile P-7 is available in street mode, becoming a pedelec requiring the rider to use the pedals in order to engage the motor power. In off-road mode however the P-7 operates via throttle only and gives the 29kg/64 pound machine great acceleration and top speed with just the twist of a throttle.

With a conventional 9 speed gear train, the P-7 has a gear range low enough to climb steep hills, or maintain pedal assistance at higher speeds. A concentric, roller bearing swing-arm pivot helps to minimise pedal bob.

Power is via a plantetary driven, brushless DC hub motor. Claimed to be compact, light weight and with enough low down torque to assist the rider up just about any hill.
The P-7 is a weekend warriors dream with its dual suspension frame also capable of mixing it on the trails.

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