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Vanderhall’s Edison electric three-wheeler

There is plenty to like about the Vanderhall’s Edison electric three-wheeler.  The super-light (1400lbs / 635kg) two-seater delivers blinding performance via two AC motors driving the front wheels. The Edison blasts to 100km (62 MPH) in 4 seconds and boasts a useful range of around 320kms (200 miles).

The aluminium frame is wrapped in an attractive ABS composite body. Styling is retro and well balanced. The entire package looks fantastic.  Front styling includes an aggressive front grill with recessed headlights. Suspension is via pushrod front coil over and a cool looking rear single-sided swing arm. A 30kw lithium battery delivers an “E” equivalent 180HP with peak tourque of 240ft-lb

The Edison is available for order now.