Electric VW Kombi Vans

VW have been teasing us with an all electric Kombi camper for some years now. What could be a more iconic statement of the past to mix new technology with and re-birth a generation. In September 2017 VW announced that the I.D. Buzz all electric camper van will appear in showrooms by 2022.

For some, including the team at 2022 is just too far away and the technology is here right now so they got to work. The U.K. based team have successfully converted a classic Van into a modern EV and it looks beautiful. 

As well as no emissions, reduced noice and zero congestion tax ( U.K. ) the Van boasts, twice the power, low maintenance and 250 mile ( approx 400km ) range. Anyone that’s ever owned a classic Kombie would know travelling 400km without having to stop is a very rare occurrence and low maintenance almost unheard of. With this conversion you have the looks as well as the reliability.

V.W. I.D. Buzz concept