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Yamaha TY-E Trial Bike Concept

As big fans of moto-trials and having a few kids electric trials bikes in the Watts in Wheels shed, we are very excited to see Yamaha’s all-new TY-E electric trials bike concept.
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Audi Built A Real All-Electric e-tron Vision Gran Turismo

The Audi e-tron Vision Grand Turismo has appeared today in PlayStation’s Gran Turismo gaming franchise. 
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NextEV NIO EP9 : The World’s Fastest Electric Car?

(EDIT NEEDED) Electric car company NextEV unveiled its brand, NIO and with it a 1360 HP electric monster in the shape of the NIO EP9. This visionary electric car brand will help users rediscover the ...
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Polestar 1 Coupe: 592hp Hybrid to begin production in 2019

Polestar, the former performance sub-brand of Volvo, has revealed its first standalone model, the Polestar 1. The new “Electric Performance Hybrid” will go into production in 2019 and will be built exclusively at a new ...

Volt Car Charging Drone

The Volt Car-Charging Drone concept gives you another option for charging your electric vehicle. Created by Korean designer 92 white, it looks very much like other drones. However on closer inspection its actually a a ...
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Review: Rimac C_Two Hypercar

The Rimac C-Two is going to blow your mind away! With 1,914PS and 2,300Nm, the 0-60mph time is just a ridiculous 1.85 seconds.Top speed is 250Mph take it away Shmee Equipped with technology such as ...

Review: Inboard M1 electric skateboard

The Inboard M1 electric skateboard takes the whole concept to yet another level. Powered by dual in-wheel motors pumping out a combined 1600W, this beautifully designed machine is an impressive piece of engineering. Featuring a ...
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The Gen2 Formula E Car Is A Gamechanger

The second generation Formula E car is a technological marvel. For racing enthusiasts it also looks good, will be truly fast and might  just change the racing game altogether. Critically this current generation of car ...
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Harley-Davidson’s first production electric motorcycle will debut in 2019

Harley-Davidson and electricity. No loud pipes? The only certainty that in 2019 all business must adapt to change and its good to see Harley at least prepared to innovate, which no doubt beats ending up ...
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Honda’s Urban EV concept set for Europe 2019

A Japanese plush toy made real, Honda’s Urban electric vehicles turn heads at the Tokyo motor show. After years spent in the electric car wilderness, Honda have a retro inspired production-ready electric city car and ...